Betrayer Review

Fort in Betrayer

Betrayer, created by Blackpowder games, is a highly atmospheric, though not horror, game. The art will draw you into its Read More →

Miasmata Review

Hut in Miasmata

To get things back on track for 2014, I decided to play a little game I’ve had my eye on Read More →

2013: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Shortest bridge in Driftmoon

So 2013 draws to a close, and everyone’s putting up their best games and moments and such. I figured I Read More →

Some Art Style Inspirations

Majora's Mask

With the arrival of new console generation, we inevitably have to suffer the nonsense of “next-gen graphics”. As someone who Read More →

Top Five Emotional Moments

Summer in Proteus

In my eagerness for the next Pokemon games, I couldn’t be arsed to play anything that was worth writing about. Read More →

Shadow Warrior 2013 Review

Sunset scene in Shadow Warrior

I’m not a terribly huge fan of first person shooters, but every so often a special exception comes along that Read More →

Golden Sun Retrospective

Air's Rock in Golden Sun

Note: this post may contain spoilers for Golden Sun and Golden Sun, the Lost Age.   This week instead of Read More →

Top Five Final Boss Themes

Sorry, but there’ll be no game post this week. No particular excuse this time, but I do have something else Read More →

Prison Architect Alpha Impressions

Prison Architect is a prison management game in development by Introversion Software. This is another game that does what it Read More →

Race The Sun Impressions

hazards in Race the Sun

Race is the Sun is the recently released high speed score attack game by developers Flippfly. On the surface Race Read More →